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Wellness Care

Keeping Your Pets Healthy

Dog chewing on stethoscope

At Allandale Veterinary Clinic, we emphasize proactive, preventive medicine to keep your pets healthy longer. We can’t protect your pet from the possibility of contracting an illness or developing a chronic condition, but regular checkups coupled with proper prevention can give your pet the best chance for a long, happy life.

We recommend annual wellness exams for most pets and semi-annual exams for senior pets. At your pet’s checkup, we will conduct a complete physical exam and discuss appropriate diagnostics (such as bloodwork) that can help our doctors monitor your pet’s health and spot problems early on.

Proper Prevention

  • Vaccines. Vaccines prevent a host of potentially fatal diseases. The rabies vaccine is required by law, and your Allandale Veterinary Clinic doctor can explain other vaccines that best address your pet’s risk factors.
  • Pet parasites. Heartworms, roundworms, fleas, ticks, and mites love the warm Texas weather, so diligence is key when it comes to parasite prevention. Your veterinarian can help you choose the appropriate treatment.
  • Microchipping. Implanting a microchip is as simple as administering a vaccine, and can help you reunite with your pet if he or she ever strays.
  • Weight and nutritional counseling. Proper nutrition is important throughout the life of your pet. Your doctor can recommend an appropriate diet that addresses the individual needs of your pet.

You Know Your Pet Better than Anyone

Your pet’s wellness visit is also the best time to discuss any changes in your pet’s behavior, mobility, and eating habits, and to ask your veterinarian what you can do at home to optimize your pet’s health. It’s often easier and more beneficial to discuss subtle changes when your pet isn’t sick and your attention isn’t focused on an illness.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s next checkup.

We’ve been taking our various cats to Allandale for about 25 years now, and have always received thoughtful and attentive care. They are professional, caring, and supportive. They have helped with many serious illnesses and, when it was time, crossings over the rainbow bridge. They have helped our kitties lead proactive, healthy lives. Highly recommended.”
— Melinda R.
They did a great job taking care of our cat and fixing up his teeth. He's much happier now.”
— David D.
Dr Baker is simply amazing and so compassionate with animals and people”
— ADR Events
First in person/pet visit in 16 months. Dr. Baker and staff highly professional, efficient and friendly. I've been bringing all my animals to Dr. Baker more than 15 years.”
— Judith B.
I take my elderly client's pets to Allendale Vet Clinic. They are so very kind and communicate with her to check on how her dudes are doing after surgery or procedures. All the staff are friendly and efficient!”
— Mercy I.
Dr Weisz and the team at Allandale Vet Clinic are the absolute best! I’ve brought my pets here for many years and they have received only the greatest care!”
— Abel
Allandale Veterinary is lovely. The experience I have is they take care of you and they take care of your best buddy. I'm happy to report they have lots of ways to help keep your best buddy calm and okay which helps you stay calm and okay. Super empathy and good communication skills. We love them! Been a client since 2011.”
— Andrea W.
Always friendly and knowledgeable staff who take good care of your furry loved ones”
— Joe