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Fast, Accurate Diagnostics

Veterinary Technician With Kitten

Whether your pet comes to us for a wellness appointment or a sick visit, our state-of-the-art, in-house diagnostic equipment can provide valuable insight into your pet’s overall health.

We’ll often recommend diagnostic tests, such as bloodwork, during a wellness exam to check for underlying conditions that could escalate quickly if left untreated. And when your pet is displaying outward signs of illness, our diagnostic tools can provide us with answers quickly, so that we can create a treatment plan for your pet right away.

Allandale offers the following advanced, diagnostic tools:

In-house laboratory: Our in-house lab enables us to quickly assess your pet’s bloodwork, urine and fecal samples, and more. If your pet requires more extensive testing, we work with a network of reference laboratories that can provide us with accurate, detailed results.

Radiology: Our digital radiology and digital dental X-rays provide crystal clear images that can be quickly evaluated. Digital radiology helps us diagnose fractures and broken bones, spot tumors and foreign objects, and reveal problems related to certain organs and major systems of the body.

Ultrasound: Allandale is pleased to offer ultrasound imaging with a board-certified radiologist. Ultrasound is a noninvasive, effective tool for locating foreign objects and evaluating pregnancies. It can also be used for identifying tumors and for distinguishing fluids from soft tissues.

At Allandale, we are fully equipped and prepared to diagnose your pet’s problem so that he or she can get back on the road to better health as soon as possible. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions at all about our diagnostic capabilities.

Amazing doctors, staff and facility!”
— Shondi P
I take my old man to Dr. Mohammed, she's absolutely wonderful. I'd been to a few vets before and felt like I was being rushed (I ask a lot of questions) and not actually addressing the source of my pet's issues. I'd done three courses of antibiotics for him and wasn't seeing results. Dr. Mohammed gave him a steroid and suddenly he's not coughing all the time. Thanks for fixing up the ol'guy!”
— Christina M.
Our BELOVED longtime vet, Dr. Stephanie Baker, is the absolute best. She's brilliant, funny, caring, personable, understanding and cares so much about her patients. There's no one like her and we are beyond grateful for her. The receptionists and vet techs are also amazing at Allandale and we are very grateful for them too.”
— Stephanie K
Love this vet! Dr. Mohammad is funny, caring and down-to-earth. She takes care of both my dog and cat with the same amount of tenderness. She is open and honest, while providing the necessary information. We don't feel judgement when we are there. Have seen other Doctors and Dr. Mohammad is our favorite!”
— Sara H
Hands down best vet I've ever been to. Extremely friendly and patient staff, and I had a LOT of questions. They made me and my furbaby feel safe and in good hands, and even took extra steps to make sure my kitty could see me at all times so she wasn't terrified. 10/10 definitely recommend.”
— Seshia
This is absolutely my favorite clinic ever. Dr. Mohammed is absolutely amazing. She takes the time to sit down with her patients and owners. You can tell she genuinely loves her work along with the furry critters she helps. The tech staff are amazing, so helpful. I've definitely called for advice multiple times on whether to come in or not. They are always super honest and have your back. Been going to this place for years and have yet to have a bad experience. Thank you for all yalls hard work!”
— K.S.
I'be been taking my cats to Allandale for the past 1.5 years and have been extremely impressed with the quality of care provided. I have two senior cats with different health issues, and was concerned our previous vet wasn't providing enough options for treatment. A friend recommended Allandale, and I'm so thankful we made the switch. ”
— Alicia D.
My favorite veterinarians and vet techs ever! The vet techs are great at helping your pet feel safe and calm. Dr. Skiles saved my cat’s life!”
— Brooke